How many staff does Fleurtea have?

Fleurtea is made up of 2 very hard working ladies - Mother and Daughter team Janette and Amanda.

How many events can you do in a day?

As it is only the 2 of us, we try to keep it at 1 high tea a day, but we can usually fit in catering as well.

Do you only do high teas on the weekends?

No, we can do the high teas, catering and hiring 7 days a week as long as we have plenty of notice.

Do you have a delivery fee?

Yes delivery fees applies for the high teas, catering and hire packages- refer to the booking forms for details.

Do you stay and serve the tea to guests?

No, we simply arrive about 1 hour prior to the scheduled event time and set everything up including plating up the food and preparing the teas. We then leave you for about 1.5hours to enjoy your high tea before returning and cleaning everything up. The tea stays warm as the teapots are on warmers.

Do we need to supply anything?

All we require from the host are the tables and chairs and it is nice to have access to the kitchen or a close by area to plate up the food. We also bring along urns with hot water so you don't even need to fill the jug.

Do we need to wash up after the high tea?

For the full high teas we don't require you to wash anything, we return and pack everything up, bring it home and wash it there. For hired items we do require you to carefully wash and dry all items.

Can we host the high tea in a park?

Absolutely, as long as you supply the tables and chairs and there is somewhere close by for us to park and unpack.

What kind of teas do you supply for the full high teas?

We have a range of loose leaf teas.

What if we break something?

Accidents do happen from time to time, we just ask that you pay the replacement cost for the item which can be provided on request. Utmost care must be taken at all times as the china is very delicate.

Do you do high tea parties for children?

Unfortunately no, as our china is very delicate and expensive to replace.

Can we decorate and add things to the tables?

Absolutely, we encourage it. Just keep in mind we do supply the table cloths, napkins, candles and flowers unless otherwise advised.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Generally speaking as soon as possible. We take bookings upto 6 months in advance.